Why are ski & snowboard suits all “cotton” and not down?

CAPELIN CREW | Why are ski & snowboard suits all “cotton” and not down?

Snowboarding and skiing, while exhilarating, are extreme sports that require careful consideration of your gear, particularly your outerwear. The choice of material in your ski and snowboard jacket is vital, as it directly affects your comfort and performance on the slopes. Down, a traditional insulating material, although highly effective in dry conditions, loses its thermal properties when wet. Given that snowboarding and skiing often involve contact with snow and water, the usage of down can have its limitations.

Down is a static thermal material, not hydrophobic, and no longer has thermal properties once water enters. For ski and snowboard jacket, we need those are hydrophobic. 

The waterproof level of ski jacket fabrics has a limit. As an outdoor extreme sport, skiing is easy to encounter natural environments that exceed the design limit. Once this waterproof level is exceeded, the ski suit will still get wet. Besides waterproofness, the internal perspiration is more important.

Skiing is a strenuous exercise, and the human body also needs to sweat a lot. This part of the water must be able to be discharged, otherwise it will cause a dangerous loss of body temperature. However, only the outer shell is waterproof, and the inner lining cannot be made waterproof, so the down material will still be damp.

The so-called cotton clothing for ski suits refers to chemical fiber cotton material, which is hydrophobic, unlike traditional cotton textiles. Do thermal padding to ensure that even in the case of being wet, it still has a certain thermal performance.

Understanding these challenges, at Capelin Crew, we've integrated innovative solutions to tackle both external weather conditions and internal perspiration.

While we've ensured the outer shell of our ski jackets is waterproof, we've also incorporated breathable, hydrophobic synthetic insulation in our jackets to maintain thermal performance even when damp. With our gear, you can conquer the slopes, knowing that your jacket will effectively manage both external moisture and internal sweat, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout your adventure. Most of Capelin Crew's products are insulated with a thin layer of cotton, making it comfortable, breathable, and waterproof

Remember, the right gear is your trusted partner in these thrilling winter sports. Choose wisely and let Capelin Crew accompany you on your exhilarating journey down the slopes.

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