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Waterproof, warm, very satisfied with the style, the color is very outstanding when taking pictures, the workmanship is good, recommended


The upper body pattern is beautiful, the fabric is windproof and waterproof, the workmanship is also very good, and the color is versatile~

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170cm 53kg Pear-shaped body can wear this pant in S size. The length is normal when standing up and reaches the middle of the instep. But when squatting, it is a little short to the ankle. If you want to wear protective gear inside, you probably should go with one size up. This pant is very textured.

Very good!

180cm, 74kg, M size fit great, the function and quality of the clothes are very good.

Very nice!

This jacket is very nice, the colors are bright, and the white part is like beige colour. The jacket is also multi-layered, thick and windproof, with a snow skirt and many pockets, nice!


The hardware of this Capelin snow suit is fantastic. It has no problem blocking wind and snow at -20 degrees Celsius in Hemu Ski Resort. The double zipper design is probably designed to protect the face. I don't use it as much, but this kind of structure is really cool and has a sense of design. I like it very much. I originally bought it for my boyfriend, but I couldn't help wearing it a few times myself XD.


The quality is very good. I am 200kg and 182cm tall. The xxl size fits me well and looks very good.

Very nice!

The color of the hoodie is very nice. I'm 162cm 55 kg, and fits loose in size M. You can add a down inner lining inside.

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The pants are quite thick, not a thin layer of shell. I am 157cm tall and bought the smallest size. I pulled the shoulder strap to the shortest length, and it feels very well. The crotch doesn't fall off, so when I go skiing, I can also adjust the tightness of the hip and knee pads inside. I can squat and stand up without pressure. First time buying bib sno pants, looking forward to trying it on the slope!


There is a thin layer of plush inside the fabric, and there is a drawstring at the back that can be adjusted.

The color is nice

The color is nice and it is a loose fit. It weighs 165cm, 58kg and can cover my butt with a middle layer inside. The base layer and this outer shell works really great. The slight addition of insulation on the inner layer has a certain warming effect.


Dazzling and cool, the orange color 155cm 57 kilograms is very suitable for size S

Great pants

Lemon green is super beautiful and pleasing! The waterproof performance is completely sufficient, excellent

Love the design!

A relatively niche brand, but with excellent design and quality, it is considered top-notch in the same price range. The high collar is cool and provides a sense of security


The quality is very good and beyond expectation. The waterproof and windproof performance is very good. One day when it was snowing heavily and the wind was blowing, I didn't get wet at all when I slipped. The pattern is also very good-looking, the color has no color difference than the picture, and it worths the money.


This snowboard jacket is very impressive in terms of functionality such as warmth, breathability, and waterproofing. The most important thing is that it looks very stylish. I hope this brand can continue and design more good-looking and functional snowboarding suits!

Very Good!

This snowboarding suit looks even better than the picture, the fabric is also well textured, and the waterproof performance is very good!

I like it!

It's windproof and waterproof. The fitting is nice, cool and has a sense of design, I really like it!

Good design

The hardware of the snowsuit itself passes the test. It can block wind and snow at -20 degrees Celsius at Hemu Snow Resort without any problem. I was pleasantly surprised by the various color combinations, functionality, and the waterproof effect of the fabric!


I bought this one in this color, which makes me look really white. The zippers are waterproof and the quality of the jacket is great. Looking forward to wearing it on the slope!

I love it

The face cover is great, worth the price. breathable and allow me to sweat and breathe with no issue. Blocking the wind too!


The actual product feels very good, very comfortable and fits well, suitable for outdoor hiking and camping in spring.

Good Design!

The material is light and breathable, the overall effect is very good, 165, 52.5kg, size M is loose and suitable

Great Jacket!

I chose a relatively lighter color, which is gentler. It's the right thickness and is waterproof and scratch-resistant. I am 162cm and choose S size. It looks good when worn in the mountains and is really insulated.


Great snowboard clothing. After putting on the quick-drying thermal and protective gear, it fits perfectly, 154cm, 47kg