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North Unisex Snowboarding Pants
Edwina Wong (Montreal, CA)
Great pants, stylish and comfortable

Really like the look and feel of these pants. Only issue was one of the two snap buttons at the opening of the waistband fell off on the first day! Luckily the Velcro that is also part of the closure meant it did not affect the wearing of the pants at all (even when riding on the mountain).

Unisex Lightning Snowboarding Pants
Gabriela Neshovska (Sofia, BG)

Excellent, im very happy with them . Very comfortable and good quality!

Warm, cute jacket!

Got really lucky that they restocked my size in this color right on time for my snowboard trip. Customer service was amazing (shout out Sam!) when reached out to. Jacket was extremely warm - generally i have to put a hoodie on + 2-3 more layers underneath, but I was able to get by with 1-2 layers and just the jacket on top. Got complimented several times for the jacket on the slopes too. Highly recommend for the price!

great quality and extremely warm, would definitely recommend!

West Unisex Snowboarding Pants
J Zhang (Central, HK)

身高 175 体重 140,穿了护膝护臀,xl 码宽松不肥,正好,超满意
Height 175cm, weight 140cm, wearing knee pads and hip pads, size XL is loose and not fat, just right, super satisfied

It looks too good ~ Just rush in. There is a series of them, and I bought a complete set of colors. Blue and white match perfectly. Personally, I still prefer overalls, so I chose a pair that is slightly off-white and looks good. But if you choose pure white overalls now, they will look even better. Moreover, the clothes and trousers are all made of cotton. It is estimated that this year I will never feel faint from the cold when I go to Keketuohai. I bought a whole set of 2Lgrotex buttons last year and I really feel that I still can’t withstand the severe cold of minus 20 to 30 degrees. So this set of cotton-padded styles is too 🉑️~ But if you don’t consider the price, you won’t compare those with Butongrotex3L or Arc’teryx 🆚hahaha! A cost-effective choice ~ Just place an order and rush😘😘

Very high quality

Girls really need cotton-filled snowboarding jackets. I like themvery much and the colors are nicer It's really warm. Ill tryother colors next time.

Real shot without filter, beautiful and beautiful. 160/50 kilos, the S I took can definitely be worn, but because I need to wear thicker protection, the M is more suitable, for your reference. The white color is really versatile except that it does not get dirty, but it is really good-looking.

I am a skier and as such I keep my knees together while wedeling. (Old school skiing). So these atte not the best match for skiing. Too wide at the bottom. And why are there pocket flaps at the back BUT NO BACK POCKETS?????

Dear Andrew,

Thank you so much for your support at us and I'm sorry the inconvenience. The North style was designed for snowboarders as its name suggests, which makes a bit baggy and flexible. I agree it is not a perfect choice for skiing when skiers need tighter and more smooth styles. We are actively developing skiing styles and we will have them soon! The flap at the back was for designing purposes.

Sorry about that, and once again, thank you for your support at CapelinCrew!

Exactly what I was looking for at a reasonable price very good quality compared to high end brands

I love it, perfect fit.

Love the design! But it was a bit big for me (155cm) I still love it tho!!

I loved the design!! I’m really satisfied to this pant's.

Got many compliments on this jacket - 很多朋友都说很好看!Was very satisfied with this purchase overall as it was great quality and good looking. Well designed. 非常爱!

really great accessory for the snow!! the elastic band made sure it didn’t fall off, and covered the ears too so a beanie was not needed at all. definitely recommend


Black color is very pretty. My boyfriend can wear it too!

I really love the green color, very pretty!

Black color is very pretty. My boyfriend can wear it too!

The pink is so pretty, it looks amazing with their white pants


I like it, it's loose enough to wear protective gear.

I love the pinkish color so much. As soon as I received the clothes, I put them on for skiing! ~

A rose red sweater paired with gray overalls is too outrageous. Ready to start another pair of black overalls~ Hahaha

Taking photo wearingthis jacket is fantastic!! I really love the green color