What is the fabric of a ski suit?

CAPELIN CREW | What is the fabric of a ski suit?

In the exhilarating world of snowboarding and skiing, the significance of high-quality gear can't be overstated. The unique demands of these winter sports call for specially crafted apparel that can efficiently handle the rigors of harsh weather while also providing the highest level of comfort and protection. Therefore, the choice of fabrics used in the production of ski and snowboard wear is crucial, going far beyond just aesthetics. At Capelin Crew, we understand this intricate balance of functional demands and comfort requirements. We meticulously select materials and adopt advanced technologies in the creation of our snowboard and ski wear, considering both the external weather conditions and the wearer's body temperature.

Ski suit fabrics not only need to withstand the severe cold conditions outside but also need to protect one’s body temperature. Therefore, materials with excellent heat retention are often used in the production process, and advanced technology is also used to ensure the comfort of clothing. Generally speaking, skiwear & snowboard wear fabrics will adopt a double-layer structure inside and outside.

The outer layer is made of breathable, waterproof, wear-resistant and wear-resistant materials, while the inner layer is made of silk wool, Dupont surface and other fabrics with excellent heat retention, perspiration, and breathability.

Due to the low temperature, strong wind and hard snow in most ski resorts, from the perspective of outer shell materials, it is better to use windproof nylon or ripstop material for ski suit fabrics. Most skiers prefer to wear GORE-TEX fabrics with excellent waterproof, windproof and breathable properties.

Capelin-Crew ski & snowboard wear mostly use PU-coated/laminated polyesters as outer shell fabrics to achieve waterproofness. Fabrics and seamed tapes are tested in our strict quality control process.

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