What is seam tape?

CAPELIN CREW | What is seam tape?

Seam Tape: The Hidden Guardian of Your Snowboard and Ski Jackets

When it comes to battling the elements in your favorite winter sports, gear like your snowboard jacket, ski jacket, or snowboard pants are often your first line of defense. While the main fabrics and insulating materials of these garments get most of the attention, there's another unsung hero that plays a vital role in keeping you dry: seam tape.

What is Seam Tape?

Seam tape is a waterproof tape applied to the seams of a garment, like a snowboard jacket or ski jacket, during its manufacturing process. It's specifically designed to prevent water from seeping through the tiny holes created by the stitching. Even though the material of your snowboard or ski jacket may be inherently waterproof, these minuscule stitch holes can become gateways for water to infiltrate your clothing, compromising its overall weather resistance. That's where seam tape steps in, sealing these potential points of entry to ensure your garment remains waterproof.

Snowboard and Ski Jackets: Critically Taped Seams vs. Fully Taped Seams

Understanding the distinction between critically taped seams and fully taped seams can greatly influence the performance of your snowboard or ski jackets and pants.

  1. Critically Taped Seams: In garments with critically taped seams, seam tape is only applied to the seams exposed to the most wear or those in areas most likely to encounter water, such as the shoulders, around the hood, or over the knees on your snowboard pants. The primary advantage of this approach is a reduction in the overall weight of the garment, making it more affordable. However, its waterproofing capabilities may be slightly less comprehensive than a garment with fully taped seams.

  2. Fully Taped Seams: Fully taped seams imply that every single seam in the garment, like your snowboard jacket or ski jacket, is covered with seam tape. This offers the maximum level of waterproofing, ensuring water can't infiltrate through any seam, regardless of its size or location. Although garments with fully taped seams might be slightly heavier and costlier, they offer the best protection against harsh weather, making them a worthy investment for avid snowboarders or skiers.

Why Taped Seams are Crucial for Snowboard Jackets and Pants?

Taped seams serve as a critical line of defense when you're gliding down the slopes. Whether you're wearing a snowboard jacket, ski jacket, or snowboard pants, taped seams ensure an added layer of protection, enhancing the garment's waterproof capabilities. Hence, whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned snowboarding pro, a garment with taped seams can significantly improve your comfort and performance on the slopes.

In summary, while it might seem like a minor detail, the presence and type of seam taping in your snowboard or ski jacket and snowboard pants can have a significant impact on their performance. By understanding what these terms mean, you can make a more informed decision when buying your next set of winter sports gear. After all, staying dry means staying comfortable, enabling you to conquer the slopes in style!

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