Design concepts of ski & showboard wears

CAPELIN CREW | Design concepts of ski & showboard wears

Ski & snowboard wears, as functional wears, they also have certain characteristics on their designs other than its functionality,


  1. Most of the ski &snowboard jackets have stand up collar to cover the chin, preventing snow from leaking when skiing.
    CapelinCrew design concepts
  2. The hood effectively blocks part of the neck. In addition to blocking the wind during strenuous exercise, it can also prevent snow from entering the neck when falling. Also, for snowboarding, it's cool to wear the hat over the helmet, isn’t it??
  3. There are usually large pockets for snow goggles, side pockets for snow cards on the sleeves, and a hook to hang snow gloves.
    CapelinCrew sailor one jacket
  4. Most linings come with snow skirts, which can be completely connected with ski pants to prevent the jackets from being rubbed up and snow and winds poured.
  5. Ski jackets are usually shorter, the length is above the hip, and they are more slim
  6. Snowboard jackets are usually longer and below the hips. They can wrap the hips when falling or sitting on the snow. They are looser and suitable for a larger range of movements in freestyle.


  1. Ski pants are usually simpler in design and slimmer, with anti-cut protection on the inside of the trousers.
  2. Snowboard pants are usually designed to be more complicated (in hip-hop style, they look good and there are woods), they are looser, suitable for a larger range of motion in freestyle, and they can also wear hip and knee pads.
  1. In addition, there are general bibs for single and double skiing, which can reduce the accidental entry of ice and snow into the clothes.

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