Style Guide: Creating Your Unique Snowboard Apparel Look with Capelin Crew

Style Guide: Creating Your Unique Snowboard Apparel Look with Capelin Crew

Crafting a unique snowboard apparel look involves more than simply throwing on layers. It’s about showcasing your personal style while maintaining functionality on the slopes. Here are our top tips on how to style snowboard apparel in a way that's uniquely you.

Step 1: Choose the Right Base Layer

Your base layer is vital. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also wicks away sweat. Choose a base layer that suits your style and needs - whether it’s a compression top for added warmth or a breathable tee for sunnier days.

Step 2: Pick a Statement Outer Layer

The outer layer is your chance to make a style statement. Capelin Crew offers a range of snowboard jackets and pants in various colors and prints. Whether you prefer a bold pattern or a more subdued design, select an outer layer that complements your personality.

Step 3: Accessorize Wisely

From snowboarding gloves to beanies and face covers, accessories can elevate your snowboard outfit. Pick pieces that add a pop of color or a fun pattern to your look. Remember, these items are not just for style - they also serve a functional purpose.

Step 4: Don't Forget About Comfort and Functionality

Your snowboarding gear needs to be comfortable and functional. Look for features like waterproofing, insulation, and ventilation when selecting your pieces. Style and function can coexist - it’s all about finding the right balance.

Step 5: Experiment and Have Fun

Style is subjective, so don't be afraid to mix and match different styles, colors, and patterns. Experimenting with your look can be fun, and it allows you to create a snowboard outfit that’s truly unique.

In conclusion, creating your unique snowboard apparel look is about expressing yourself while maintaining functionality and comfort on the slopes. Visit Capelin Crew today and start creating your own signature snowboarding style.

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