Five Things You Should Know About Ski and Snowboard Apparel, From the Capelin Crew

Five Things You Should Know About Ski and Snowboard Apparel, From the Capelin Crew

When it comes to picking out the perfect apparel, nothing beats the seamless fusion of functionality and style, just like the men's ski & snowboard jackets offered by the Capelin Crew.

Here at the Capelin Crew, we're not just enthusiasts, we're professionals who live and breathe snow sports, and today, we're sharing our insider knowledge. Here are five things you need to know about ski and snowboard apparel:

1. Importance of Layering

The very essence of winter sports clothing is in its layers. A quality men's ski & snowboard jacket is integral to this layering process. The Capelin Crew offers a range of jackets designed with layering in mind. We aim to provide warmth without the bulk, allowing you to move freely and fully enjoy the thrill of the ride. Most of the times, brand names offer '3 layers' and '2.5 layers'. The 3 layers are: Back fabric, membrane, and surface fabrics. The 3 layers + lining combination makes up the jacket. 

2. Waterproof is Key

Nothing dampens a snow day quite like, well, being damp. All ski and snowboard apparel should be waterproof. The Capelin Crew has made this a priority, incorporating advanced waterproofing technologies into our men's ski & snowboard jackets, ensuring your outdoor fun isn't cut short by snow or rain. We are proud to announce that all our jackets has 20,000 waterproof level. 

3. Breathability for Comfort

As you carve down the mountainside, your body generates heat. That's why breathability is vital for any winter sports garment. Our men's ski & snowboard jackets feature breathable fabrics, allowing for adequate air circulation and preventing you from overheating. All capelin crew's jackets and pants offer 15,000 breathability. 

4. Durability to Withstand the Adventure

Skiing and snowboarding are intense sports, and your apparel needs to be up for the challenge. That's where durability comes into play. Here at the Capelin Crew, we design our men's ski & snowboard jackets with robust materials that can withstand the rugged winter conditions and the physical demands of these exhilarating sports.

5. Style Meets Performance

Finally, we understand the importance of looking great while you conquer the slopes. Style shouldn't be sacrificed for the sake of functionality. The Capelin Crew prides itself on creating men's ski & snowboard jackets that seamlessly blend performance and style, giving you the confidence to express yourself while you shred the mountain.

Embracing the winter weather in the right apparel is paramount to enjoy and excel in your snow sport of choice. The Capelin Crew has taken every necessary detail into account to provide you with the ultimate men's ski & snowboard jackets. Our products are not just clothing - they are an investment in comfort, performance, and style for your winter adventures.

Explore our collection today, and become part of the Capelin Crew – where we value the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance.

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