What is the difference between a mountaineering wear and a ski wear?

CAPELIN CREW | What is the difference between a mountaineering wear and a ski wear?

Mountaineering Wear

1.Cuffs and waist cinched. This is to increase mobility and make it not too loose.

2. The clothes are mostly lined with light and warm materials such as down, foam sheets or silk cotton.

3. It is required to be easy to put on and take off, so that the shoulders, arms and knees are not under any pressure

4. The pockets should be many and large, and there should be bag flaps, buttons and zippers to prevent the contents of the pockets from falling. Choose fabrics that have a smooth surface and are resistant to wind and sand.

ski & snowboard wears

1. Generally divided into professional type and amateur type. Professional ski wear is designed according to the characteristics of the competition, focusing on the improvement of sports performance. Amateur ski wears are mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical.

2. The colors of ski suits are generally very bright, which is not only for aesthetics, but also for safety. If skiing in the mountains, especially on the steeper slopes, far from the built ski area, it is prone to collapse or disorientation, in this case bright clothing provides a good vision for finding.

At Capelin Crew, we offer ski and snowboard wears. There are also differences between ski and snowboard wears, make sure you be aware of them.

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